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About Us

This blog is an idea of my husband and yours truly. But before I share the details, I would like to inform you guys that my communication skill in English is so limited, so sorry for my grammars. :-D So, as what I've said, this is a creation of my husband and I. I am his programmer/blog editor and he is my researcher/critic. Actually this is my dream to have something to blog. And thanks to Almighty God that I have a very supportive husband on earth who is willing to dive in to whatever I want in life. :-) 

If you wanna ask us, why do we choose to have this kind of blog? The answer is that, we are both teachers. Honestly, I'm a BS in Computer Science graduate who took some education units and passed the LET by having SELF REVIEW. Yeah, Self Review works plus some bars of luck and PRAYERS. While my husband is a BEEd graduate and he was able to pass the LET after 3 takes. It is because of him that I got the idea to crap a blog of collecting reviewers for those who want to take LET. Because he has this fan page about LET reviewers and I've seen a lot of people looking for information. So that's started everything and the rest is history. 

Hope this page can help you guys. We are sending our Good luck and may God bless each one of you upon taking the exam. 

If you have questions, suggestions and reactions feel free to reach us through the comment section below or you can visit our fan page in facebook. Thank you.

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  1. where's your contact page? Please do create one. Thank you


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